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Old Buddy L Fire Truck ~ Old Sturditoy Fire Truck  ~ Early Keystone Toy Fire Truck ~ Old
Buddy L coal truck ~ Old Buddy L bus  Old
Sturditoy Ambulance ~ 1932 Keystone toy bus
Antique Toy Truck
s  Antique Toy Airplanes  Vintage Toy Cars and all Pressed Steel Toys
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Buddy L Fire Truck
1926 Buddy L Ice Truck
Buddy L Coal Truck
Keystone Circus Truck
Old Buddy L Fire Engine
Buddy L Road Roller
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Sturditoy Armored Truck
Big Antique Buddy L Bus
Keystone U S Mail Truck
Buddy L Baggage Truck
Keystone Dugan Brothers
Bakery Truck Circa 1933
Buying Sale Trade
Buying Sale Trade
Contact  The Buddy L  Museum with your old Buddy L coal truck or big Buddy L
oil Truck for sale.     Paying thousands of dollars for any
Buddy L dump truck or
Sturditoy dump truck in excellent condition Buddy L trains wanted any condition
Seeking antique Buddy L truck any color any conditon Free fast toy appraisals
Large Red Buddy L Fire Truck Wanted For Immediate Purchase. Also looking to
buy your large Buddy L Ice truck with ice cubes. Visit our museum gallery & view
prewar pressed steel toys  including a beautiful large
Keystone Toy Fire Truck &
early 1920's Steelcraft Toy Fire Truck Several manufacturers including
whom produced the complex 1927 Sturditoy fire truck and the big rare navy blue
Sturditoy police department truck,  -  displayed throughout the Buddy L Museum  
One of the more colorful trucks made during the 1930's was the blue and yellow
Keystone Circus Truck with six cages also painted blue and yellow.    We are the
world's most prolific buyers of
Sturditoy trucks, early Buddy L toys and Keystone
toy trucks. Email us  if you have a set of Buddy L Trains or vintage Buddy L Toy
Truck for sale.  We are the world's largest buyer of  Buddy L Toys and Sturditoy  
Trucks in the USA. Email us for a free confidential appraisal today. Buddy L Bus
Helping collectors since 1968.    The Buddy L Museum is the world's largest
buyer of antique Buddy L toy trains, prewar Buddy L trucks and old Buddy L
toys manufactured 1921-1943 Contact us with all your
Buddy L trucks 4 sale
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Buddy L Trucks  ~  Sturditoy  ~  Steelcraft ~ Japan Space Toys ~ Tin Robots
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Your Sturditoy Fire Truck or Buddy L Fire Engine could be worth Thousands of Dollars.   If you need advice
selling your
Buddy L Toys contact us for free evaluation   The Buddy L Museum "the most prestigious name
pressed steel toys" dedicated to the art of pressed steel toy collecting The Buddy L Museum is the world's
foremost authority on
Sturditoy trucks, Steelcraft toy trucks, antique Buddy L trucks & vintage Japan tin toys
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Contact  the Buddy L Museum
with your Buddy L Trencher or
green Buddy L Road Roller for
Buddy L Fire truck wanted
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Sturditoy Fire truck  for sale old Buddy L ice truck
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